Sunday, 2 June 2013

Princess Dresses

I LoVe garage sales ... Last week I peeked inside a grocery bag at a sale and saw glittery fabric; sure I could use that fabric in a project I added it to my pile of treasures (I got the bag for free).  At home I discovered seven little costumes - all wet, dirty, and torn.  The first order of business was laundry.  They cleaned up not bad - so I ironed them and identified the repairs required.  Some parts had to be removed, others were salvageable, and they all needed a little bling.  I starched the outside materials, rebuilt wings, made ribbon flowers, added lace, ribbon, glitter and sequins and sewed and glued and ..... ta da - here's pictures of the dresses.  (I regret not having taken any "before" pics).

Some little girls are going to be very happy to get this little bundle.

Enjoy your crafting!!

~ Terry ~

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