Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Coloured Pencil "Paintings"

Hello Bloggers, I want to share with you my new passion - coloured pencil "paintings".  I'm hooked - it's fun to draw your own picture, then colour it (it is a lengthy process though).  The trick lies in applying the colour in layers to achieve depth.  In August I watched a YouTube technique tutorial, and the rest (they say) is history.......

 "Peonies and Roses" is my first "painting"
"Frog Peak" depicts a scene a few miles from my home (I need to work on landscapes)
"Wet Leaves" is my third "painting" and I'm rather proud of how it turned out.  I drew the cream coloured veins quite heavy in one of the first layers and they're still visible 3 layers later.

I use Prismacolor artist quality pencils, a colourless pencil crayon or solvent for blending, and touches of white acrylic paint.

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  1. Your work is so beautiful and your blog is beautiful too! Oh! And I just noticed the Follow link down there! Sign me up!

  2. LOVE the leaf with the waterdroplets on it!

    PS - I included your blog in a blogpost on my blog...

    1. thanks Ellie - for the comment and including my blog
      ~ Terry ~


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