Wednesday, 29 January 2014

It's a New Year.....

and my word for 2014 is "Balance"!
I intend to add Balance to My Mind, My Body, My Spirit, My Relationships, and My Art.....

In pursuit of balancing abstract and realism in my art I've watched a few YouTube "how to" videos on coloured pencil drawings of animals.  My favourites feature artist Sandra Angelo. (  

Then lo and behold Colored Pencil Magazine published their Feb. 2014 monthly art challenge and it's "Portrait of a Cat" - perfect - I'm up for the challenge!!!

This is my submission and what follows are the drawing steps .....

Step One:   Convert the reference photo to black and white, then create a line drawing.....

Step Two:   Begin a value drawing (aka: grisaille) - shade values and textures completely using a full range of drawing pencils.  Finish this value drawing while referring to the coloured photo.  I think the pencil drawing is a great work of art in itself.

Step Three:   Take the value drawing and transfer it to coloured paper.  (I started to add colour before taking this picture).

Step Four:   Colour over value drawing with coloured pencils.  Starting with a mid-tone colour begin making small short strokes, then use darker and lighter colours to fill in the hairs in between.  Continue to build layers until you've achieved the desired effect.  I love this "under painting" method!!

Step Five:   Time for final tweaking - ensure there's a full range of tones, and a balance between the shadows and highlights.  Add whiskers, random light hairs, and eye highlight.
Add signature and done.

Thanks for stopping by, and
Happy New Year

~ Terry ~

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