Sunday, 23 March 2014

Art Journal Cover

Hello Bloggers:

I started a new art journal this month and wanted to share the cover with you.....
Pretty boring, huh?   Yep - it's crying for a mult-media treatment!

Really what I want to share with you are the pictures I took during the decorating process - so here goes......

Step One: Paint the cover and glue on paper (protect the journal pages with waxed paper and tape the binding).  I used magazine clippings of similar colours that I sanded over stencils - you might want to use a single piece of scrap-booking paper.

 Step Two:  Add depth with a border, doodles and stenciled designs using paint, ink, markers, ... (note: the make-up sponge I use for stencil work rather than a brush). I selected three paint colours for my theme and I keep those handy to remind me not to go crazy with other colours - what an exercise in self control!

 Step Three: Add another layer - some gesso, paint, doodles and more stenciled designs.

 Step Four: Add texture and determine placement of embellishments.  I have a large stash of embellishments - they're just weird colours, soo.........

 Step Five: Paint embellishments to match, and adhere with LOTS of Modge Podge.

Finally: Blend in your embellishments with gesso, paint, Distress Ink, markers, etc. and add a fun fringe (feathers, beads, buttons, jewelry pieces, etc.).

Now, I'm inspired even before I open the journal.

Happy crafting...

~ Terry ~

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