Friday, 5 April 2013

Happy Earth Day 2013 - April 22nd


Seasonal Palette: April

photo credit: The Ranger Ink Blog, Seasonal Color Palette: April

Ranger Ink has posted an April challenge to create projects that feature Ranger Ink's earthy color palette.  The quote on their photo speaks volumes to me as a Canadian, eh.  Seriously I love the palette and was overwhelmed with inspiration.

My project began as an art journal page and finished as a greeting card.

How I created the page........
  • Background: moved the fluid acrylics with a credit card which created the majestic mountains, glued down some doodles I cut from an earlier page, and finally drew the tree
  • Earth People (original artwork):  sketched in pencil on water colour paper, then outlined in a fine Sharpie, photocopied (used for a mask), inked using different techniques - ink blending tool, fingertip, spray, paint brush, then cut out and glued to background
  • Finishing: used a Sharpie to outline the people and letter the signs

I love how it turned out - so I scanned the page, printed it on 4" x 6" photo paper and made a greeting card.

Happy Earth Day! and Happy Crafting!
~ Terry ~


  1. I love your original earth people artwork, and the organic forms you added to the card look great. Blessings!


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